Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Princessa

Happy 6th Birthday to my Emma

Last weekend we had an
"Almost Sleepover"
where we did all the fun stuff
that comes with a slumber party,
but left out the scary part
(the actual sleeping over).

We started out in the pool

then had some pizza

Changed into pj's
and watched Tinkerbell
on the projector outside.
You couldn't really see the movie
very well at the start,
but they didn't seem to mind.

Then there was

singing and cupcakes

And a little dance party to top off the night.

All the little girls

were happy to go

home with their mommies...

and sleep in their own beds.

The End.

My sheep

Hunter & Emma

Hunter & Emma
(Bubba & Roo)

Love TAMN!