Friday, November 7, 2008


Thought I'd dedicate a post to my little boy, Hunter. For no other reason than Emma can be a bit of a camera hog. :)

Here he is with his best friend in the whole wide world (and cousin), Jojo Luna...

Here's Hunter

being a gentleman

Impersonating his jack-o-lantern

Being neurotic (this is how I find things all around the house--all lined up)

And the very best of all, being his mama's little baby :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Regrets

Jeff's 20th and the 100 year anniversary Yuma High School being open fell on the same year. The school decided to have one big party at the fairgrounds and Jeff's band, "No Regrets" got a spot to play at the party. It has been the talk of the town the whole week. The reunion, that is. A pretty big you play during the hours the party is supposed to take place. I won't get too technical, but we'll just say they "opened". Nevermind that.

I am here to tell you they rocked the house. This group of guys can not only straighten your teeth, build you a house, make a mean sandwich and/or sell you concert tickets, THEY CAN ROCK!

You can ask any of the 5 other people that were there!

All joking aside, they really were good! Bobby Lemmon, I didn't know you could do that! I'm stunned. In a good way. Loved it.

Photobucket src="" border=0>

Jeff can't believe I made my own "No Regrets" groupie t-shirt.

Photobucket src="" border=0>

He's irresistible.

Photobucket src="" border=0>

We're pretty sure this is the rocker sign.

Photobucket src="" border=0>

Is he cute or what?

Come check out "The Regrets" at the Battle of the Bands at Harkins Theater next weekend. You won't regret it. haha. :) And if you want me to make you a t-shirt, give me a holla!

Happy Halloween + Question

Hunter thought this was a really fun game...
throw candy all over porch...
other children put candy back...
throw candy...
put it back...

"No want to dress up."

Hanna Montana
Punk Rocker
*Emma is wearing the genie costume that my mom made for Heather when she was little. I guess it really does pay off to save the old stuff. And, sorry Mom, this picture doesn't really do it justice, either. The back has really cute criss-cross straps, but I wasn't thinking when I was having them pose.
On another note, please help if you have a tip...I always find myself wanting to switch the order of images after I load them. How do you do that?

My sheep

Hunter & Emma

Hunter & Emma
(Bubba & Roo)

Love TAMN!