Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deep Thoughts by Emma

Last night Emma was on fire with the random comments to our bedtime stories. I worked really hard at not laughing at them because she didn't intend for them to be funny.

The Berenstain Bears' New Pup reads,

"Oh" said Sister...I want that one! He is so cute."

"That one is a she," said Farmer Ben.

"How can you tell?" asked Brother.

"There are ways," said Farmer Ben.

First of all, I was really irritated with the Berenstain's as soon as I read that page...like, really? Emma caught my eye as I turned the page and she had a little twinkle and a smirk on her face. I asked her, "How do you think they can tell, Emma?" knowing that having a little brother she is well-aware of the difference between boys and girls or he's and she's.

She spoke with conviction when she replied, "You just look at their eyes. The girl puppies will have really long eyelashes."

I left it at that.

Next up, Happy Mother's Day, Mami! where Dora and her friends make their mother's gifts for mother's day. Except Benny the bull. He gives his gift to his grandma.

Emma: "Are Benny's parents dead or something? Is that why he gives his his grandma the gift?"

Me: "Oh, geez, I hope they're not dead. Maybe his parents are at work or something."

Emma: "I doubt it. If they were at work he still would have made one for his mom, he would have just given it to her when she came home from work."

Both: Long pause

Emma: "Oh, well. At least he has a place to sleep at night."

Good point.

My sheep

Hunter & Emma

Hunter & Emma
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Love TAMN!