Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Milestones...First day of kindergarten

I had envisioned a much cuter outfit to mark the occasion. You know, a button-down top, pleated skirt, lace-trimmed socks and Mary Jane's. Little did I know that I would become one of those parents whose mantra would be, "Pick your battles!" So I let her have her way or shall I say "express her own sense of style" with a falling-apart-at-the-seams sundress and flip-flops.

And don't be fooled by the tense pose (clenched fists) in the picture. Emma broke away from Hunter and me about halfway down the hall, pushing her way past parents to get through the doorway and into the classroom to meet her friends. No tears...phew!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

To err is human...

I forgot that when I hit "post" there is a list of people who automatically get emailed my lovely blog. I was trying to be fancy and do this new thing my friend Megan showed me with the "big image". Well, it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted to, so I kept editing and re-posting, then I realized that you might be getting all my revisions. Sorry, people! So here's one more email to fill up your mailbox if my other ones didn't quite put you over the top. Please find a place in your hearts to forgive my novice blogging.

4 Generations of Hotties


This one is for Grandma Hancock, the hottest hottie of them're next, of course, Mom...then me...actually, Heather, you might be the next hottest, but you're not in this picture.:)

P.S. Megan, thanks for the tip on how to get the big images.
P.P.S. If the image is cut off, just click on it to see the full view.

We Can End Duchenne

I got an email from my friend, Kelli, asking me to participate in a campaign called End Duchenne with hopes to raise more awareness for the disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Kelli's son, Elijah (who starts 4th grade this month), was diagnosed with the disease a few years ago. I had only heard of Muscular Dystrophy before I met Elijah and his family, but didn't really know much else about it.

DMD normally only affects boys, as it is an x-linked genetic disorder. The disease can occur spontaneously or can be carried by a mother to her son. DMD causes relatively rapid progression of muscle deterioration because muscle fibers are constantly dying away, being replaced by useless fatty deposits. In the history of this disease, most boys are permanently dependent upon a wheelchair by an average age of 10-12. It is common for boys to lose their battles with the disease in their late teens, and most do not live into their thirties due to respiratory and cardiac failure (the lungs and heart are the two most important muscles we have!). Despite these statistics, there is hope that the children fighting Duchenne will be spared by advocacy, research and faith.

I think the idea of the campaign is so cool and simple--print out a declaration, write your name (and give it some "flair" if you want to be like Emma and me), take your picture, then load it to the website ( With more exposure and awareness, there is hope that advanced treatment and eventually a cure might be found for young boys suffering from this disease. Please feel free to participate in the campaign along with us! The more the merrier!

You can check out Elijah's personal website if you want to read the story of an adorable, fun, sweet and resilient little boy:

Friday, August 8, 2008

My little girl all grown up...

Emma lost her first tooth on the way home from our summer vacation. And she's starting kindergarten in 10 days. Sigh. Next thing I know, she's going to need a training bra!

This summer in Colorado

Tommy built the ultimate swing set...

we caught butterflies...

Emma made "Blue Goo"...

Hunter learned how to cast & reel with his own fishing pole...

And helped his dad gather wood for the fire...

We rode in a horse drawn carriage (47 times)...

And threw rocks in the river...We're relaxed and refreshed and glad to be home...but we sure had a great time in Colorado!

Practicing for the Jr. Bronc Riding Event

Emma learns how to load & shoot a blow gun. My dad would be so proud!

My sheep

Hunter & Emma

Hunter & Emma
(Bubba & Roo)

Love TAMN!